Shengli Chen's Lingchuan County Posts

Walking along Niuxi River by the side of the road from Chaotian Town,I played a lot at river bank till I saw the beautiful sunset.

Very near the two temples,these tombs are on the west side of Longmu Hill.From epitaphs I learnt some of them were from Hunan Province.

Lingze Temple was first built in Song Dynasty,later Mingxin Temple was built in Ming Dynasty,these two temples are very old temples in Ocean Town,Lingchuan…

40 kms east from Guilin City,Ocean Town attracts lots of tourists and photographers coming to see the golden gingko trees in fall each year.

Near Guilin North Train Station. It's a little dangerous to go there taking pictures.You don't know when the train comes.

After visiting Daxu Old Town,I went to another old village—–Bear Village.It's 8 kms away,north to Daxu Town. I knew this old village from a book last year,but I…

I knew this old village from a book.A book about old villages in Guangxi. Jiangtou Village located in Jiuwu Town, Lingchuan County,northwest to Guilin.I went…