Shengli Chen's Yangshuo County Posts

We went across Li River by ferry in the morning,we walked along the river then got Tengjiao Temple at Luoshi Hill. We went back Yangshuo in the noon and back…

We took a bus to Yangshuo County,we went to the Moon Hill,then went to Xingping Town in the afternoon and spent the night there. :) The route of today: Yangshuo…

Jianshan Temple was firstly biult in Tang Dynasty(713 A.D.),loacated in the south of Yangshuo County,Jianshan Temple's one of the oldest temples in Guilin.

In Yangshuo County,south Guilin. I walked about 7 kms before I got to Li River.The weather's so bad,it rained so hard.

My friend M and I walked about 7kms from Grape Town to Shiwaitaoyuan Scenic Area,a place near Baisha Town,finally we went to Yangshuo by bus.We spent one night…

Tourists from everywhere in the world come here meeting new friends and enjoy the leisurely life in Yangshuo.

On my way to the Moon Hill,I crossed Yulong River,which just by the side of a scenic area Big Banyan Tree.