Oct 20 - 24: If at first you don't succeed, get hired help

by Anita October. 20, 2009 1398 views


Had trouble getting the Little Star to sit still for a passport photo. Took me half an hour and I couldn't get the required “facing full-front, not smiling”. So, I took her to an expert. Took him half an hour too, but at least he got the shot. The Little Star thought it was hilarious to stick her thumb in for the reaction she got, then to stand on the stool, then to face the wall instead of the photographer. I got a full understanding of the film-maker advice to "never work with children or animals. Next day, just as I was completing her passport application, I came back from making coffee to find she'd climbed onto the table and drawn on every single photo. Grrrrrrrrrr. Talk about a lesson in grace and patience!

Oct 20: Look at my thumb, it's in! In a second it'll be out and I'll be laughing my head off. Ha ha Mr Photographer, you can't catch my passport photo face!

Oct 21: Ha ha ha ha, how funny is it that mama spent two hours of her life getting these photos, and it took me just two minutes to wreck 'em

Oct 22: Yay, what the cellar looks like from the street

Oct 23: I can't do much of the heavy labour, but when I can do my bit I do…. like, carting the cellar lining, tarring the cellar wall, casting a protection spell on the house…

Oct 24: “Look for the old gum tree,” said the bride. So I did, and thereby found the wedding I was due to conduct.

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