March 18 - 22: My best friend's wedding

by Anita March. 18, 2010 1142 views


I don't know which is worse… marrying someone I don't know (and run the risk of forgetting their names), or marrying a beautiful friend of 13 years (and run the risk of bursting into tears of happiness). I've decided that both scenarios are *wonderful* ;-)

Mar 18: Eeennn and I organised a babysitter for our two cherubs during their sleep-time so we could go in for a pedicure. Turns out it's Eeennn's first time for one! Precious! We took in some piccolo sparkling with us to celebrate a phone call we were expecting at 3pm with the news the block has settled. No matter how long we stalled the nail-artists though, or how long we faffed over which colour to put on our nails, the phone call never came. Eventually we got told to move on… five minutes later, of course, the call came. We celebrated in our hearts instead of through a straw.

Mar 19: Back in Sydney and boy, old memories came flooding back. "Please don't flood back literally," I prayed as I was stuck in the Harbour Tunnel for 40 minutes. Bad timing to return to Sydney at 5pm on a Friday!

Mar 20: Officiated a simple yet stunning ceremony today at a little beach in Manly. Having a 13-year history with the groom I found it hard to look at the couple in case I burst into tears… but apart from that, it was a truly beautiful exchange of vows. a fun reception to follow, and a trip down 13 years of Memory Lane.

Mar 21: Once I'd gotten over my hangover I took the Little Star to see a gorgeous old friend from my Sydney days. Shenaazi and I were thick-as-thieves while working for our common tormentor, our boss, way back when. Her daughter was 7 when I first met her, now she's studying conveyancing and every bit the beautiful, elegant, gorgeous woman I knew she'd grow into.

Mar 22: I'm still smiling after a spontaneous lunch with two goddess sisters, Serene and Lucy.

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the #3 is great!

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