April 11 - 15: Raving about the cow parade

by Anita April. 11, 2010 3224 views


April 11: Went on another tour of the Cow Parade in Margaret River, this time with friends. Miss Mattimoo re-enacted her stunt from two evenings before. (When we were abandoned at Xanadu winery at midnight by Gannoway Tours, she fell asleep on the footpath during the 2-hour wait for a taxi.) It was a very entertaining way to make light of a terrible situation.

April 12: While wandering the garden with the Little Star today we found an unclaimed Easter Egg - just as I was craving a little chocolate too! Score!

April 13: With Gramps away, his “bloody turkeys” (as he fondly calls the peacocks) missed his daily serving of croutons and cussing… so what's a hungry, habit-bound turkey to do? Come pecking at the kitchen door, that's what!

April 14: While I was busy putting finishing touches to my latest book (The 7 Day Bootcamp for Brides [nowagepublishing.com]) the Little Star decided she needed to do some office work too. The only desk left was Gramps'… no worries, off she went, “working” solidly for quite some time.

April 15: Spent a lovely few hours dreaming what we would do with the winnings of the Chase the Ace at the Club tonight… The prize was $3910 which would have covered my airfare to accompany the Boy Wonderful on his next school trip (to Malaysia), but alas, this time it was not meant to be.

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