April 26 - 30: Where there's smoke...

by Anita April. 26, 2010 3431 views


April 26: In taking a leisurely ride around Rottnest Island this morning I noticed the number stenciled on my hired bike… 222. I nearly fell off that this number is still presenting itself to me - it first started appearing when I was six months pregnant. I saw it incessantly on menus, clocks, cash registers, addresses, doors, hotel rooms, phone numbers, receipts, number plates… right up to the day may daughter was born three weeks early, on… yep… 22/2. A couple of years later and I'm still seeing the number in new and random places.

April 27: Autumn is well and truly in the coming if these red vine leaves are anything to go by.

April 28: Back to the farm today where things got a little hairy. Or windy, I should say. One of the trees in the driveway blew over, effectively isolating the Little Star and me inside the farm gate. Oh well, I can think of worse places to get stranded! LOL

April 29: It's annual burn-off time which always makes me nervous. There was something so magnetic and magical about watching the smoke lick the spaces between the trees here I had to stop and watch it for a few minutes.

April 30: And then driving home after dinner at the Club, there is the “after” shot of a day's burn-off… the glowing embers lining the road, lighting our way home.

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Sonja 6 years, 9 months ago

I love the one with the little girl, assuming shes your child ;) and maybe your pregnant again!?! If the number keeps showing up..?

6 years, 9 months ago Edited
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