May 1 - 5: More than one era begins

by Anita May. 01, 2010 2520 views


May 1: Ever since becoming a Civil Marriage Celebrant [] I've always wanted to conduct a ceremony at one of the more iconic wineries. Today's wedding fit the bill at Clairault. The ceremony was conducted on the lawn but the backdrop of vines and gum trees was just divine.

May 2: It always feels strange the day after a wedding ceremony knowing that there is another new family in the world. While they are celebrating their unity, everyone else returns to their lives. I always return to my life a little bit changed, more reflective, and deeply grateful that I am surrounded by people who love each other so much. The Little Star and I headed to the zoo where we spent a long time watching the mama orangutan and her baby frolic on the lawn. Yet another new family to enrich our world and to be grateful for.

May 3: With the prospect of a grey winter looming, I'm feeling a bit despondent about the state of our backyard. We're living in a rental so it's not possible to plant trees or greenery for the 18 months we have left in Perth. So, we're doing the next best thing and planting some hanging pots and odds and ends to green it up a bit. Boy Wonderful, for some reason, felt it necessary to wear his fluorescent vest while pushing the trolley. Perhaps taking safety consciousness a little too far?

May 4: This is what my new little herb garden looks like hanging outside my desk window…

May 5: Boy Wonderful started his new “career” today at the WACA. I felt such pride watching him walk into the grounds for his first day on the job. Sure it's workplace learning, but that's my boy, on his unswerving quest to dedicate his life to cricket. He's just a 100% total cricketer []!

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