Travel through Bosnia (1) - Sarajevo

by Doris April. 03, 2009 2050 views

I would like to show you some pictures from a week I spent in Bosnia in summer 2008 - starting with some impressions from Sarajevo, which to me meant “love at first sight”
for the beauty of the landscape and the smell of centuries of European culture,
for all the contradictions in the hard daily life of this city,
for the people I met and the stories they told me about their living throgh difficult times.

In the court of a mosque in the old center of Sarajevo - a busy and colourful quarter of trading, streetcafes and buildings of different religious history.

It was very precious for me to see Sarajevo together with friends who had to leave Bosnia during the Balcan war - to better understand their biography and to enjoy with them the cultural sites of the city, besides wonderful wine bars, restaurants and cafes like that: Typical European “Kaffeehauskultur” in a skyscraper that still shows the traces of bombing…

Srvcina Cuca - the house of a rich muslim family from the 16th century, nowerdays one of the many museums in Sarajevo that lead you to the multiethnical roots of this country.

During the war on the Balcan Sarajevo suffered 3 years of siege. This is the entrance to a tunnel (height:1,60m) that lead to the airport which you see in the background.It was the only way to bring people and mail out of Sarajevo - and to supply the city with food, medicaments and weapons. For Majda it was the way to get out and travel the long way to Germany to see her daughter there at her wedding…

Sarajevo, surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. Many buildings still show that they have suffered war.Dr.Subara shows us the frontline (the street) that separated the hostile sectors.Today,as a pensionist, he still receives people in his appartment who cannot afford to visit a doctor or a hospital.

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Mester Tibor 12 years, 4 months ago

You have sensible mind. I love tis kind of photography.

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