Aconcagua Dispatch 1: Pre-South America

by Daniel Weiss December. 14, 2017 2061 views
Aconcagua (Not mine, taken from Google)

Aconcagua (Not mine, taken from Google)

We are just 11 days from our departure for South America. Our Colorado Christian University expedition team has been in the planning process for about 5 months now. I am hoping to keep my blog up to date for anyone who wants to follow our adventure over the coming weeks as we travel to South America to summit the highest peak outside the Himalaya at just under 7000 meters; Aconcagua. For those just joining, I have been planning a trip to ascend one of the Seven Summits of the world for about 2 years. This blog will likely not have many pictures as I expect that I will have to pay a good amount of money just to accessthe internet in order to update our journey. We depart at midnight on Christmas day and should arrive in Mendoza (our final destination) on the 27th. We expect to be on the trail by the 29th and summit around January 8.

As for what has to get done between now and departure is just accumulating the food, packing, small personal items, and finally getting to the airport. We have a very large team of 12, which complicates logistics, but it'll be good practice for more remote peaks! I will try and update the blog daily, although I doubt I will be able to once we start ascending the peak above Base Camp. Follow if you're interested in hearing about our trip and keep us in your prayers!

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