Recovery Week 1

by Daniel Weiss March. 28, 2021 90 views
On the way back from Vail

On the way back from Vail

The first week was by far the worst. Nothing but pain management, elevating my leg, and laying down. It was a bit scary as well, as there were risks of pneumonia, blood clots, and atrophy. It was a battle between trying to be somewhat effective for work and managing the pain. For the first few days, every few hours would be a countdown until the next time I could take my oxy or Tylenol.

Showering was also a bad deal. It was a struggle to keep the leg elevated while also trying to stay clean. The frustration of having to ask my wife to move everything up or down the stairs kept me at one floor for most of the day. This week, however, did have its bright spots. For example, my wife's work sent me a get well card with flowers. I also had some friends bring dinners for us, which was a huge help for my wife who had to take care of all of the chores.

Flowers from Wife's Work

Flowers from Wife's Work

By the end of the week, I was at least able to get on the video conference with my students and interact with them while they were in class. That said, I was ready to get out of the house by the end of the week, even if it meant a little extra pain and effort.

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