Weekly Theme 10

by Daniel Morse March. 12, 2017 1365 views

This weekly theme challenge really sparked my interest because I recently decided to shoot in RAW format for most all my photos. Lightroom has also quickly become my go to post processing program. So I really wanted to just give it a try for more practice.

To me, shooting in RAW is way worth the extra data, the information can be so valuable in the future, long after the shot was taken. A change of mind or just playing around with LR can spark new ideas that would've been limited if in JPEG.

I enjoyed this challenge because the 5 photos we are to use are all so unique, I'm excited to see everyone else's interpretation of the images. Here are mine. 

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Ric Kelley 3 years, 10 months ago

Daniel , Your father and I grew up together...it is good to see you step out of your comfort zone into the world. You have 2 people that have done well by you .  Keep going, don't stop. Pay only a glance at the nah sayers. It is your time, take hold of the bull by the horns and ride like the wind...these are very good ...tell you mom and pop hi..

3 years, 10 months ago Edited
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