Snow on My Baby Blossoms!

by Darlene Foster April. 04, 2012 1455 views

Unbelieveable that it can go from 84 degrees F to below freezing in 24 hours! Hope my blossoms survive one more day as it is supposed to warm up soon!

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Pandka 8 years ago


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Goldbrandi 8 years ago

Nic set!

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Mark Schalock 8 years ago

Nice captures! Really like #3 and the last one! I'll bet on them. Our Daffs were totally knocked over and covered with snow 2 weeks ago...back up and healthy today!

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Agnes Felber 8 years ago

Oh NO!!!

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Dave 8 years ago

Oh dear. If they are like the flowers we had under snow this weekend, they'll slow down n growth a bit but do fine.

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Nynke 8 years ago

It does give you beautiful shots!! Hope the weather will be better again real soon! :)

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Claire 8 years ago

beautiful but i hope they survive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jet28 8 years ago

Crazy weather! But it sure makes for some beautiful photos!

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Marilyn Grimble 8 years ago

Don't worry ... so delicate ...but with the inner strength and tenacity to survive.
They make a splendid image in their white tutus!

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Gillian Parsons 8 years ago

It's as if nature has given the seasons a big shake up lets hope she puts things right for the poor plants.....UK same roads blocked and power cuts due to Snow and Ice in the North so far here in the South just cold so fingers crossed.

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Tom 8 years ago

Too bad they be too cold now good capture

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Mallusatish Reddy 8 years ago

Excellent captures,very beautiful~!~

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Mike Meliska 8 years ago

Beautiful set...

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Rob Gant 8 years ago

Nicely done i like this posting.

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Eric J H Joyce 8 years ago

Great post.......I hope they will be OK.

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Marsha 8 years ago

Oh! Hope they survive....they are beautiful! This seems to be a really wet snow....and I'm sure will melt off quickly!

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