by Joshua Olleras January. 04, 2017 250 views

Chinese water torture. Sounds funny, most definitely isn't. Deceptively simple, victims break down in the most cruel of ways. At its basest, it's summarized as an itch you can't scratch. Part immobility, part isolation, part physical, no mostly mental. Even worse, when you get a handle on things, try to anticipate, the tempo switches up. The mind is prevented from predicting a pattern,  and the body is not allowed to develop a defense of adaptation. Sleep is impossible. Mind is blown. All from a drop of water. Monotomy is the enemy. Even water knows that, which is why it carves up canyons and wears away the hardest rock as a hobby. Water knows balance. 

Moisture on cup

Day 4 of 365: The Most Corrosive Substance

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