Views Around Langland Bay

by David Nurse September. 23, 2019 431 views

Langland Bay is on the South Wales coast near Swansea. It is just a few miles up the coast from Swansea Bay and just around the headland from Mumbles, just after the small inlets of Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay, but before the larger Caswell bay, all on the western side of Swansea. Langland Bay is a small beach that still has the characteristic victorian beach huts close to the sea.

In 1897 the French Impressionist painter Alfred Sisley made two watercolours of Langland Bay, while on honeymoon. He was staying at the Osborne Hotel, which overlooked Langland Bay. Over twenty paintings resulted from his visit to Penarth and the Gower. Two of his paintings of the south wales coast are in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

This part of the South Wales coast is littered with small bays and coves.

The View from Snaple Point.

The View from Snaple Point.

Today was a warm, late summer day. It was nice to sit here and soak up what might be the last of the summer warmth, but I expect to come back in Winter when I suspect the landscape will be more dramatic.

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