Maen Llia

by David Nurse December. 07, 2019 240 views

This standing stone is situated in Brecon.

As you approach Maen Llia, the megalith is in a large area of scrub and does not look so large but gets more and more overwhelming as you get closer and close up is it very impressive. The stone is actually 12 foot high and 9ft wide.

The stone is made of Calcreate which is a form of old red sandstone which is found some distance away.

The stone is likely to have been brought to this location by a glacier many thousands of years ago and then placed upright in its exact position during the Bronze Age.

The myth associated with this stone is that on mid-summers eve the Maen Llia walks to the river to drink.

It is said that this myth stems perhaps from the shadow getting longer as the sun goes down and stretches down to the river before sunset.

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Ros Mercury 1 year, 9 months ago

Interesting stone and it's history, great b/w.

1 year, 9 months ago Edited