by David Nurse April. 01, 2020 154 views

Although I have placed this image in my tree catogary, as you can see it is obviously not a tree.

I was out for a walk in early January and the wind was cold but the sun was low and bright.

As I walked towards this I immediately got the image of a tree in my mind. The image is of some tracks in what is an old mining spoil tip or mound that is slowly getting re-vegetated.

The tracks were made by some motorbike scramblers going up the side of this tip.

It is not a good photograph but looking at it today, it vividly brought back the memory I had when I first saw it.

I seem to remember that the scene actually was move vivid at the time and the photograph does not do it justice, I suspect the sun had also risen more by the time I got the shot.

Even so, It struck me at the time that even though the hill was man-made and also, of course, the tracks were man-made how organic the image was, that I was looking at.

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