Nature Taking Back #6

by David Nurse April. 18, 2020 259 views

Another in the series Nature Taking Back.

This time a wall! Well, it looks like a wall of some type but the square holes in the wall must have had some use even if just to allow for some sort of drainage.

The structure is not too far from a now rarely used railway line so at first, I thought it may be one side of a bridge, however it seems far too low at around 8 feet in height. Of course, it could have been higher when in use. I have looked on the opposite side of the track for a similar "wall" but could not find one.

Not immediately obvious, there is a step sunning along the bottom about 18 inches wide.

So the structure remains something of a mystery. Whatever this was one thing in ceryain, you can certainly see that Nature is Taking Back.

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