The Royal Pavillion, Brighton

by David Nurse April. 26, 2020 175 views

Brighton is a popular seaside resort in the south-east of England being a little less than 50 miles from the capital London.

It was the Prince Regent, later King George IV, who in the 1780s took up residence in the town that perhaps put Brighton on the map. However, it was the arrival of the railways in 1841 that made the resort more accessible and increased its popularity.

After his move to the town, the then prince regent set out about, over the next 35 years building his new residence, "The Royal Pavillion".

It is an unusual building in that the outside is Indian in theme, but the inside is Chinese in design, this is only an interpretation of the styles as George never visited either country.

Much later Queen Victoria used the Pavillion as a royal residence until 1845 when she decided to sell it.

In 1849 to stop the building being demolished the town purchased it for £5300 and is currently the only Royal Estate not owned by the state or the Crown.

I have visited Brighton on perhaps half a dozen occasions and never knew this building existed. However, I made a point of seeking it out on my last, much too short, visit.

I wish I had had more time to view more of this building and also the interior. It seems a very interesting place.

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Guillermo Huerga Borrego 1 year, 1 month ago

Curious building, I would not expect to find it in England, thanks for sharing it. Greetings and take care.

1 year, 1 month ago Edited