Mannheim Twinning

by David Nurse May. 03, 2020 345 views
Replica of the Water Tower

Replica of the Water Tower

In Swansea's maritime quarter the is an area called Mannheim Quay.

Mannheim is a city in southwest Germany,

Mannheim city’s civic symbol is the Mannheimer Wasserturm, a distinctive Romanesque water tower, which was completed in 1886

On the Quey in Swansea there is a small replica of the Water Tower.

The is also a small plaque on the wall of some of the newer residences.

This replica and the naming of the area is a reminder of the twinning in 1957 of the city of Swansea with that of Mannheim.

This was Swansea's first "Town Twinning".

It is often the case that Cities will have "twinning arrangements" with more than one place.

One that I came to hear of lately, was the twinning of Swansea with the Chinese City of Wuhan which has been in everybody's mind at the moment with the pandemic. I believe that Manchester is also twinned with the Wuhan city.

For the Welsh aspect, although the "sister city relationship" is recent, It seems that links between the cities began in 1855, when Swansea's Griffith John founded the Wuhan Union Hospital.

The hospital he founded is now, 150 years later, one of China's biggest - with more than 5,000 inpatient beds and treating 3.5 million patients annually.

Isn't it fascinating what just coming along to a sculpture on a walk can lead you to discover?

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David Robertson 1 year, 1 month ago

Cool bit of history.  If Griffith John only new what his hospital would endure some day.

1 year, 1 month ago Edited