Bryngarw Sculptures

by David Nurse June. 04, 2020 495 views

Another local country park near me has a range of wooden sculptures placed around the woodland.

Some of these sculptures form part of a nature trail called "Keepers of the Park"

Some of the sculptures have an information point in them and children from local schools take part in a nature trail to try and find the sculptures and using a special Star Talisman, find the Keepers and awaken them and listen as their story begins to be told once more.

The day I visited the light was not great and rain was forecast. I took some images but I was going to return at a later date to photograph them all and tell the tale here.

Unfortunately, the Virus struck and all parks are now closed.

These are the initial images I took.

As soon as the parks open again I will conclude!

It also seems that the project was extended to many parks around the area with each park having their own "Keeper". I have posted one of these previously "The Green Man" I will try and get aroung them all in a future blog I think.

One of the good things of this lockdown is that I have planned many future trips, we just have to be able to go exploring, something we can't do here yet.

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