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The Ancient Stones and in the background the panels of a modern solar farm can be seen.

The Ancient Stones and in the background the panels of a modern solar farm can be seen.

Quite close to where I live are these two strange standing stones.

They are in a field close to many pathways and a crossroad.

These two Menhirs are approximately 9 feet apart and 5 foot high.

They look ancient but are somewhat lost in a field.

However, this is not such a random place as it would first seem it has some history and this area has been inhabited for a long time. The stones are on a medieval trackway known as Ffordd Y Gyfraith.

This trackway became part of a pilgrimage route to the shrine of the Holy Rood of Llangynwyd.

Some time ago there were the remains of two Celtic Crosses found nearby which have been removed and now reside in the National Museum of Wales.

There is not much known about these stones and it is thought that they once formed a gateway to the church of Cae'r Heneglwys that was thought to be on this site. Although I have read that there is supposed to be some slightly raised ground here where the church resided, it is long gone and I could find no evidence of this.

I have also read two reports from visitors to the site that the stones are reminiscent of another bronze age site that is 400 miles away in Northumberland.

Sadly I could find no myths relating to these stones perhaps as they are so poorly documented.

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Brian Scott 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Nice to read and see David, there's so much in Wales +1

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Adrian Morris 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Fascinating set of pictures with interesting history added in.

7 months, 2 weeks ago Edited