Keeper of the Dunes

by David Nurse September. 17, 2020 345 views

I have already posted some of these "Nature Keepers.

Frog Pond Wood

The Green Man

This is another of the ‘Nature Keepers’ oak sculptures.

The Nature Keepers project has been led by Bridgend County Borough Council, working together with local community groups.

They add interest to our beauty spots, and with the accompanying poetry, they capture the imagination of younger visitors by interweaving mythology into the sites.

Their aim is to spark an emotional connection to our green spaces, and so encourage people to visit as well as care more for them.

The Nature Keepers were carved out of Welsh oak by local sculptor Dai Edwards.

The Keeper of the dunes is in Kenfig nature reserve and the dunes are home to a variety of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, including a high concentration of fen orchid .

The area makes up part of the largest active sand dune system in Europe.

The body of water seen in the background is Kenfig Pool legend tells that a city lay beneath the water and on quiet evenings it is said that the bell of the church can sometimes be heard tolling sadly under the lake. There are many myths and legends associated with this place which I hope to cover in later blogs.

There are also the ruins of Kenfig Castle are not too far from here.

The Keeper of the Dunes

I am a place that is always in between,

Half a life barren land, half a life green.

I am a skin that grows beneath your feet,

A hidden spot where newts lurk and sand flies meet.

I am a mirage on the maps of men,

Labelled on parchment, recorded in pen,

A shape-shifting landscape breaking all the rules,

A bracelet of sand, flowering with jewels.

I am more than all my parts, notes upon the breeze,

A symphony of marram grass, a warbler’s sneeze.

I am an orchestra in a sea of tunes.

Listen to the melody, for I am the dunes.”

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G B 8 months, 3 weeks ago

how beautiful....I almost think of Gaia when looking upon her...grinning

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Varsha Arun 9 months, 1 week ago

She is beautiful!

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