Sunday #1 25/10/2020

by David Nurse October. 26, 2020 150 views

Well, it's that time of year again that I hate. The end of British Summer Time. The clocks have gone back an hour and sunset is now a little before 5pm. I get down at this time of year as I have to go to work in the dark and when I get home it is too dark to enjoy a walk. The only rest bite is the weekend, but I find all too often if the weather is dry by the time I have done the chores or what needs to be done around the home then there is little time left for the camera.

If the weather is poor then that seems to leave even less time.

This Sunday on rising the weather was dreadful rain was pouring, however after my first coffee, the rain stopped, I quickly took the dog for a short walk trying to get back before the next heavy shower. However, it started to brighten up and so did my mood so I decided to get out for a walk. I did not take my camera as I was sure the next shower was not far away.

After 20 minutes amazingly the sun came out and everything looked great in the warming sunshine and I cursed not having my camera. However of course I did have a camera, my phone, so I took a few shots.

This was the best but I am not happy with it as it does not really reflect how good the light, and my mood was, however, it was a start.

Within minutes of this, the sun was gone again and shortly after the rain came again and I got home soaking wet but not before having decided that this winter I was going to take some photos EVERY Sunday until at least British Summer Time Returns in March and post the best here weekly. Hopefully, I will be able to get out a lot more than this but I find it is all too easy for me just to let the weeks pass in some sort of hibernation and not have the drive to get the camera out.

My own sort of 52-week challenge (Or at least 26-week challenge).

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Adrian Morris 1 month, 1 week ago

I feel exactly the same - and I don't have to go to work. Also, as I've not done much photography the last few years I'm reduced to looking far back into my archives to find something to post. Still, this photoblog site is keeping me sane.

1 month, 1 week ago Edited