Sunday #18 21/02/2021

by David Nurse February. 22, 2021 100 views


The changing of the seasons is always an interesting time.

Although the astronomical spring does not start here until March 20th this year. March 1st is the start of meteoritical spring. This is also our patron saint day.

March 1st : St. David's Day (Welsh: Dydd Dewi Sant).

The Daffodil, our national flower is normally in full flower by March but on my walk today while the hedgerows were full of Daffodil plants, all were still in bud holding back their blooms for the National Day.

Preceding the daffodils "coming of spring announcement" by a few weeks, Catkins seem to herald the end period of winter and therefore are just as welcome a sight. The countryside was full of them today, Hazel Catkins I believe, it was just a shame that the late winter sunshine was not out to enhance their appearance.

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