The Keeper of the Lake

by David Nurse April. 01, 2021 155 views

This is another of the ‘Nature Keepers’ oak sculptures.

The Nature Keepers project has been led by Bridgend County Borough Council, working together with local community groups.

They add interest to our beauty spots, and with the accompanying poetry, they capture the imagination of younger visitors by interweaving mythology into the sites.

Their aim is to spark an emotional connection to our green spaces, and so encourage people to visit as well as care more for them.

The Nature Keepers were carved out of Welsh oak by local sculptor Dai Edwards.

The Keeper of the Lake

“I am this Wilderness, its story I have kept,

For I am the Keeper, but long have I slept.

Look around you now as I wake.

Here, ringed by houses and the roads of Porthcawl,

A green and silver island waits to be found.

Here in quiet seclusion, ancient rhythms still play out,

In the lives of bat and bird and fish

As they rise and fall on the seasons’ tides...

I am the Wilderness.

I am this island of water and willow,

Where wild coots call and raindrops echo.

I am the ripples that circle the depths...

A lake’s changing mood; a wind’s whispered breaths.

I am the nests, the wood-wombs of spring,

Where mallard and moorhen and white swan begin.

And I am the stone, which ancient man raised

To honour this landscape in far distant days

I am the scales of the roach, tench and bream,

Like stars in the dark of a watery dream.

I am maples and hawthorns with fingers of leaves,

That stroke at the sunbeams, snatch at the breeze.

Here wild nature lives by its own will.

Here deeper currents are circling still.

I am a beacon, a green flame, a sound...

I am wilderness calling

From the heart of a town.”

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Stephanie 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Beautiful words and a great image

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