AninErsAry / from whErE dO thE childrEn plAy by David Cardona for his 9th year in PHOTOBLOG

by David Cardona June. 10, 2016 7754 views


whErE dO thE childrEn plAy []
a nOn flAsh tAkEs single
David Cardona []
cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt


David Cardona in []
For Enjoy Cinema Photography and The Finest Content Development.

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. / It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. / Es sólo con el corazón que uno puede mirar correctamente; lo escencial es invisible a los ojos.“ -Antoine de Saint Exupery-

Best wishes at first dear ladies and gentlemen.

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes". -Marcel Proust-

It has been nine years since 2007.06.10 sharing the David Cardona`s nOn flAsh tAkEs based on F-NFTE concept (Film - Non Flash - Non Tripod - Non Editing) with the most special ladies and gentlemen around the world!

The cinema composition principles and the David Cardona and his special team´s CEM Strategy, based on Long Tail Concept, founds the posibilities of work, art, education and friendship on the Media when contents have been well structured preserving the quality and the love for a global audience. David Cardona thanks Juliana Tobón, colombian artist, for her friendship and support at begining of this project, G. Baker, actress, for her trust and collaboration and Mike Zupan & Michael Zhang for their managing and leadership from

Thanks for your willingness and support. I feel so honored of your friendship! Have an incredible and very happy summer. A big hug and warm regards!

U r thE bEst !

: D

David Cardona []
cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt

for hIs anniversary in
2007.06.10 - 2016.06.10


"How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless." -Paul Bowles- The Sheltering Sky

Sharing with U a Very Special Tribute on Summer:


Thanks for your willingness and support dear ladies and gentlemen!

U r thE bEst! ♥!

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Michel Beroard 4 years, 2 months ago

Emouvant !

4 years, 2 months ago Edited
Dzmitry Samakhvalau 4 years, 3 months ago


4 years, 3 months ago Edited
Bzh29 4 years, 4 months ago

Touching !

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Kara Bana 4 years, 4 months ago

Fascinating. You can see what she'll look like as an adult. She already has a grown up look to her, and responsibility.

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Marsha 4 years, 4 months ago

Touching photo....excellent....

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Francesc 4 years, 4 months ago

Great work

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Abe Jackson 4 years, 4 months ago

Congratulations and thanks for the many contributions.

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Louise Hayes 4 years, 4 months ago


4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Antonio Gil 4 years, 4 months ago

Perfect. To my favs. There is strength and tenderness at the same time.

4 years, 4 months ago Edited