city plAygrOUnd from A nEw kid in cEmEtAry by David Cardona -a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-

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city plAygrOUnd

A nEw kid in cEmEtEry
nOn flAsh tAkEs single
David Cardona
cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt


David Cardona in
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Carpe Diem

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying."
Robert Herrick-To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time-1648.


Juan Camilo Correa Uchima
1997 - 2011.07.29.

Died violently at 14 on Medellín streets.

Never Forget!

"That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul./ … /For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain./ … /The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind./This individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. He is everlasting, present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same." -Bhagavad Gita- English, & 2.24

"Sabed que aquello que se difunde por todo el cuerpo es indestructible. Nadie puede destruir a esa alma imperecedera. / … / Para el alma no existe el nacimiento ni la muerte en ningún momento. Ella no ha llegado a ser, no llega a ser y no llegará a ser. El alma es innaciente, eterna, permanente y primordial. No se la mata cuando se mata el cuerpo. / ...Al alma nunca puede cortarla en pedazos ningún arma, ni puede el fuego quemarla, ni el agua humedecerla, ni el viento marchitarla. Esta alma individual es irrompible e insoluble, y no se la puede quemar ni secar. El alma está en todas partes, y es sempiterna, inmutable, inmóvil y eternamente la misma." -Bhagavad Gita- Español, & 2.24-



OnE lEss kid in thE sqUArE / from A nEw kid in cEmEtEry by David Cardona -a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-

lOnE bOUlEvArd / from A nEw kid in cEmEtEry A Filmby David Cardona -a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-

thE strEEt is tOO big withOUt yOU / from A nEw kid in cEmEtEry -A Film- by David Cardona- a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-[]

On thE rOOf Of hEll / from A nEw kId In cEmEtAry -A FILM- by David Cardona for TUESDAY INSPIRATION TI -a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-[]

thE mArblE plAygrOUng/ from A nEw kid in cEmEtEry -A FILM- by David Cardona-a nOn flAsh tAkEs single-[]

Children at first!

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