thE light in thE windOw from hOrizOn by David Cardona -a non flAsh tAkEs single-

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thE light in thE windOw



David Cardona

cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt


David Cardona in

For Enjoy Cinema Photography and The Finest Content Development.


<<A gray head does not make an elder. The gods know him to be an elder who knows, be he a child. Not by years, not by gray hairs, not by riches or many relations did the seers make the Law: "He is great to us who has learning". //
"El cabello gris no hace a un hombre ´Mayor´. Los semidioses saben quien es un hombre mayor que sabe, así sea un niño. No es por los años; no es por las canas; no es por las ricas o muchas relaciones que los videntes formulan la Regla: "
Es grande para nosotros quien sabe".>> - Vidura- The Mahabarata, Vana Parva; Sub-parva 33, sect. 133; vol. 2, p. 476.



Facultad de Minas, National University of Colombia, Medellín.

Medellin tower blocks demolished after collapse

Engineer specialized in structures, Manager and Resident Engineer waiting for sentence today by the death of six people.

Tibute to: M. Tarangini D. D. and Family -alive-.

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A Light in the Window by David Cardona in

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