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by David Swatton October. 02, 2007 4998 views

Ancient stone circles are dotted throughout the British Isles. They are thousands of years old. How they were built is unclear. What they were used for is unclear.

My theory is that they were landing sites for space travellers stopping off on earth like some kind of intergalactic motorway service station…… however, I may be in a minority of one supporting this theory!




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Zsã³Fi 9 years, 12 months ago
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Freyja 10 years ago

I think these stones were set to celebrate some fertility gods. Great pics, I love them! Have you ever taken any pics of rune stones in the British Isles?

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Monika 10 years ago

Amazing and full of mystery...
There are similar standing stones in Scandinavia...some historians think they denoted a gathering place where different clans would meet to iron out disputes, set laws and rules.
As it has never been disprooved, your theory is presumable!

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Nasser Golahmar 10 years ago

very beautiful!

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Alicehume 10 years ago

Beautiful. I love the composition of the first one. Have you visited Long Meg in Cumbria?

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K C Ng 10 years ago

All are beautiful:))

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Pete 10 years ago

whatever they were for your photos captured them beautifully

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Miclaud 10 years ago

Wonderful places and stones!!! Obelix did not pass by here???

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Dennis 10 years ago

Great set. Great composition in #1 and #3. I think the Druids got drunk and decided to create them to make everyone else think there was some hidden meaning, when really they just wanted something to lean on while finishing their ale.

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Lennon Fletcher 10 years ago

Fill up please, I am just here for a short holiday and then I will be moving on to Sirius.

Believe it or not I was born near Dartmoor but parents emigrated when I was three years old.

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Leo 10 years ago

cool pix

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Viktorija 10 years ago

it's great you always have a theory:)

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Varghese Mathew 10 years ago

haha.. Nice set there. #3 is cool.

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Agodashi 10 years ago

Great images, I like specialy the second and the last one !!!

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Jan Eljapa 10 years ago

i think there is a big animal under the ground, these are its teeth??

10 years ago Edited
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