Mountains and their ancient inhabitants...

by David Swatton May. 12, 2010 2702 views

In the mountains of Lebanon, above 1000m, live the Cedars of Lebanon. Due to human excess over the centuries there are few of the really ancient trees left and the government has launched a major replanting scheme but it will be hundreds of years before the forests are restored (a cedar less than 500 years old is referred to as “young”).

However, a few of the really old trees remain and some have been dated and have been living on their remote mountain-side for over 4000 years.

Kind of makes our own existence on this earth a little insignificant by comparison :-)

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Brian 7 years ago

Ancient trees are wonderful to behold.

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Helen Hooker 7 years ago

These are beautiful. The trees remind me of a wood near here where we have ancient yew trees - some up to 2000 years old.

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Goldbrandi 7 years ago

Nice set! :))

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Jack 7 years ago


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Manuele 7 years ago

n°1 is fantastic

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Brenda Nelson 7 years ago

David, I happened to notice this wonderful post about the Cedars of Lebanon. Great photo and really good narrative that gives us perspective for our lives! (My college friend lived in Jerusalem for a long time and she told me that the cedars were nearly destroyed long ago. She gave us a small Christmas ornament made of cedar that we treasure.) Thank you for this post!

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Jet28 7 years ago

It certainly puts things in perspective :-)

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Redro 7 years ago

Quite a switch in the colour of the landscape.
Old trees look so magnificent.
Somebody, help ! - stop the human caterpillars please !

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