Mind the step......!

by David Swatton September. 01, 2011 2951 views

This is Beachy Head… hardly surprising to find out is one of the most popular spots in the country for committing suicide. I personally would prefer to have a picnic there but each to his own.

By the way the height of the cliffs is about 130m (or roughly 400ft in old money).

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Anna-Marya Tompa 6 years ago

have had a picnic up there but that wind drives you to the edge, dangerous place but beautiful

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Jumiella 6 years ago

I also would prefer to have a picnic there - fantastic place! :)

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Monika 6 years ago

and another great place to get rid of a corpse ;) near where i live there is a watch tower also very popular for suicide and every xmas and new year eve there is a group of volunteers to guard the tower and keep world-weary suicide candidates away... do you have anything like that here? but anyway, this breathtaking view makes a worthy last sight of a life ;)

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Pete 6 years ago

could dampen ones appetite... Wow place though

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Jacki 6 years ago

So used to areas like this being sand dunes around here... harder to commit suicide on sand. :-)

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Ann Garratty 6 years ago

It is a beautiful place, and it brings back fond memories of our obligatory visit to see it every time we visited my Grandma in Bexhill, we were never allowed to get this close though...

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Felecia 6 years ago

Holy fill-in-the-blank!! Great shot! What is that down in the water? How sad about the suicides. I would much rather picnic.

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