Millions of acts of normality are the greatest response to terror...

by David Swatton March. 23, 2017 1313 views

Yesterday in London another maniac committed yet another pointless atrocity. Among the victims were Britons, three French children, people from Romania, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy, the US and Greece. The net result, no change at all because we live in a democracy that will not waver in the face of terrorism. As per the old WW2 phrase, "Keep Calm and Carry On", that is the only worthwhile reaction or, as the PM put it this morning, "millions of acts of normality are the greatest response to terror."

The picture is an old one I have posted before a few years ago, but it seemed fitting for the purpose today.

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Stephanie Hyde 4 years ago

So tragic and I totally agree with you. I have friends who spend their time watching the news of events of these over and over and let it change their lives and limit what they do. You just have to keep going and live your life.

4 years ago Edited