30 Day Challenge - Day 1

by David Brennan January. 01, 2021 104 views

I got given a copy of the 30 Day Challenge at Christmas and I thought it would be a great way to kickstart some personal photography, rather than only getting my camera out and taking a picture for work purposes.
As an extra push to actually do it, I created a Facebook group with family and friends to try this challenge with me and I thought I'd fire up my Photoblog account as an added incentive, which hasn't seen much action for a long time.

The task for Day 1 of the challenge is #ME

Day 1 #me

Day 1 #me

Well I thought I'd go a slightly different route to the standard 'grin at the camera' but the people that know me will recognise the 2 main elements as being quintessentially me, but I wonder how many will spot the 3rd hidden in plain view?

#me #selfie# camera #photography #dice #dungeonanddragons #30daychallenge

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