Corona Chronicles II

by Diane Butts May. 06, 2020 515 views

Pierre, Guitarist

"Every afternoon I can, I find a nice spot to park my van. I hook up my equipment, and play.

Pierre, NW DC

Pierre, NW DC

"I'm in a band but I'm rusty with this whole Covid thing. I work a day job as a contractor, but this right here, this is me ...

"I used to play flute, but then I hurt my shoulder, so it's guitar strictly now. Hope this Corona ends soon. We need to take care of ourselves, especially now.

"I've been a vegan for 35 years and that's really the way to go - we need to stay healthy.

"What are you doing, Sis? Are you reading? Are you taking care of yourself? Check out this book when you can. Good stuff.

"Stay safe okay, Sis."   

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