Going Places

by Diane Butts August. 16, 2020 860 views

Linda's Ambitions

Linda, Washington, DC, July 2020

Linda, Washington, DC, July 2020

I met this delightful and beautiful young woman not long ago when I walked by her and a friend who were dining al fresco in DC.

I had a feeling she might have been from East Africa, and when we started chatting, I learned she’s from Central Africa – a region I’d visited a few times. We had lots to chat about.

Linda and her family are from Rwanda. She moved to the US when she was 10.

“The experience has been interesting,” she says. “I get both worlds culturally because my mom made sure my culture was embedded in me.” In addition to English, Linda is fluent in Kinyarwanda.

Linda graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in International Relations. “I chose that major so that I can make a difference.

I currently work for a company based in Morocco; I’ve been there four years working as a relationship manager. Essentially, I help find solutions for our customers.”

Linda is an accomplished young woman with many goals – short, mid, and long-range. She’s finishing up the purchase of a new condo and getting her life in order in other ways.

She’s currently reading James Baldwin’s Collected Essays and looking for a side hustle. She wants to own a farm in Rwanda and where she’ll have all kinds of animals and be able to take care of the eco-system.

She’d like to begin volunteering for an organization with a mission she’s passionate about. She wants to produce a documentary and start a company that brings people together and positively impacts the lives of others.

This young lady is definitely going places.

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Rachele Schneekloth 5 months ago

Yes she is! Thank you for sharing her story. Did you strike up a conversation with her as you passed?

5 months ago Edited
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