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by Diane Butts September. 19, 2020 1777 views

“I am a writer, photographer and filmmaker. I got started with writing – that was the beginning of my creative journey.

Joshua, Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, DC

Joshua, Black Lives Matter Plaza, Washington, DC

"I used to watch TV a lot. I was a big fan of cartoons and still am, but my parents encouraged me to write – when I was only five or six. In first and second grade, I started to do a lot of comics, short stories. It was really honing my skills to think creatively.

"And I'd say around sixth grade is when I wrote my first script for, it was a screenwriting competition at a local community center.

Even though I got third place, the father of the girl who won, came to me after and was like, yeah, yours was better. That was such a moment for me. I went to Morehouse and decided to work toward being a photographer and a filmmaker.

I started taking a lot of pictures. And I ended up doing this documentary project called life in the AUC for the Atlanta University Center on Instagram. And what started out as an exercise on me taking pictures of crowds and natural light and shooting my camera on manual, ended up becoming a documentary series about, you know, AUC life in Atlanta during this particular time.

"I did a semester at NYU during my junior year from Morehouse, where I really learned how to shoot film. And that is really my creative journey up to this point.

I'm still trying to figure out what is the role of an artist in these times, especially with so much going on and the political moment being even more dire. Some of the desire I had to be in film for money has gone away.

Now it’s like, how can I impact social change? What do I have to say? I know I have thoughts, but like, how can I make an impact? Art has played a role in that." (Joshua, NYU Student) 

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