Natasha Watkins

by Diane Butts November. 15, 2020 2170 views

The Pivot

Natasha Watkins at home in Washington, DC

Natasha Watkins at home in Washington, DC

By any definition, Natasha Watkins has had a successful life.

With Caribbean roots, Natasha grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC with a degree in Finance, and later earned an MBA.

She spent more than 30 years working in project management and product development with clients that included the DC government and private sector companies.

Natasha is married with twins who are now in high school. When they were in elementary school, she left the workforce to focus on their education. After a few years, she was ready to start working again, with a plan to pick up where she had left off.

But a close friend asked a probing question. “What would you do if you could do it all over again?”

Instead of brushing the question away, Natasha decided to be perfectly honest - with her girlfriend, and with herself.

“I would do psychotherapy. In a heartbeat.”

And that was the start of her pivot. She had always been interested in helping people un-peel layers of their lives.

Friends and family have always considered her ‘wise counsel’ as they shared their life challenges, and she advised and encouraged them to explore and accept what they were feeling as they sought solutions.

So Natasha decided to put aside all excuses that might prevent her from pursuing her goal.

She enrolled in a Master's program and is now working toward getting her license in Clinical Social Work.

Her focus is mental health and behavioral health counseling. She’s also building a life coaching practice called 'Your Life Onward.'

Click here to watch Natasha share a very personal story that led to her interest in this career path, including unpacking a part of her childhood that led to the pivot.

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