Still Sexy at Sixty

by Diane Butts January. 02, 2021 600 views

This is today’s sixty – sassy and sexy. As Jill Turner turns the page to the next chapter, she's living her best life.

She's as an educator, a mom, and a grandmother. She plays on a flag football team, and works during the summer at a neighborhood pool. She likes to travel and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

Despite the turn of the calendar, she plans to stay active and enjoy every moment.

Jill Hill Turner, Bowie, Maryland December 2020

Jill Hill Turner, Bowie, Maryland December 2020

She’s reflective of her career as an educator and how things are different from when we grew up.

Education is in Jill’s blood. Her mom and several aunts were teachers in Richmond (Va) Public Schools, and they all instilled the value of a good education.

She says that’s not the case for a lot of students these days.

“Not long ago, I didn't feel that all students really valued education the way we were taught to value education, and look at it as a means of changing our predicament or being able to do better for us.

Education is important, but there are many ways that you can look at education. You don't always have to have a degree to be successful. You can learn a trade, you can open your own business.

You have to have some business acumen, but there are so many ways to be educated. And I think students should have their minds open to all of it because there's so many avenues and they've learned a lot now just virtually … they've learned that they can virtually learn.

But education is only important if it's the secondary thing. First, do you have a home or do you have heat? If you have someone to love you, you can concentrate on education, all of our babies don't have that.

"And COVID has changed so much. Some students only get their necessities in the schoolhouse and COVID has quite literally shut that down. And those children miss that. And I miss giving that to them. So the value of education, it depends on how you look at it.

My hopes and dreams for my grandchildren are that they will live in a world that is not colorblind, but a world that accepts their color as equal to the rest, and that they are valuable, that they have value that what they say matters and that they can safely maneuver like we could to just hang out and play without having to worry about being snatched or shot, or drive down the street and just come home and not have to worry about them.

“I’m not ready to retire. I like teaching and I like interacting with the students. I enjoy commiserating with my coworkers. I realize how much I miss them and our camaraderie during this COVID. When I am ready to retire, I will come back to work (as an annuitant) because it’s not as much pressure and I still get to enjoy the role."

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Lisa Britton 2 weeks, 6 days ago

She looks great and sounds like a fabulous person. Congrats on 60, great shots.

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