by Dani Elle November. 24, 2017 265 views

Passport photo! The obligatory announcement to everyone that you are travelling (usually somewhere tropical and/or fun).

How exciting (!!), to finally leave my desk, or the couch. A change from the same four walls that usually contain the skin and bones that I drag around day after day. I have not been on vacation since Punta Cana in 2009, and before that, I was last in Trinidad when I was (maybe) eleven years old.

I will admit, I was more anxious for this trip, than excited. I don't really travel; I'm a homebody. I felt really out of my comfort zone... intimidated, even. Ironically, this was the place of my birth and where a lot of my roots are, but I think that's most of the reason why I felt intimidated.

I need to get out more lol.

I looked out the window at some point, and everything seemed small and insignificant. Why have I never left home? I could just... start a new life...

I don't know these people, they just ended up in my photo. I was admiring the beauty of change when I took this. Are they coming or are they going? Maybe they live here and they came to pick up a friend.

Strange to see another country's flag, everywhere you go. Actually... strange to sit down and think about things that are just popping into my head.

When is the last time I really just hung out with myself?....

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