Paseo de los Carmenes

by Dc Froburg August. 22, 2007 3432 views

Jessica's school

This is the only known photo of the extremely rare alabaster waterless fountain.

Ah yes, my bimbo delivery has arrived…

The most timid cat I've had the pleasure of meeting.

A typical entryway to a Carmen house.

Grapevines. These houses are named for the grape gardens that usually accompany the house; Carmen is Arabic for "grapes" supposedly.

Another Carmen house.

Full bloom

Your typical Opel, turbo-diesel of course.

"In this house, which he designed, lived Hermenegildo Lanz"

Cats, statues, lillypads oh my! (remember, this is someones house, not a public plaza or something…)

We were in no real danger as this fearsome beast was declawed.

Carmen of Macasar

The fresh produce at our local SPAR. ¡No toque la fruta!

My dream ride: El Vespino

People in the United States typically do not consider Aloe Vera to be a suitable compliment to white chocolate.

The Spanish do not harbor resentment against communist regimes, and so it is possible to obtain certain products, such as this much-coveted Cuban chocolate. Note how they haven't even bothered to offer an English translation on the packaging.

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