Cherry Blossoms at the Portland, Oregon Waterfront

by Dawn Hester April. 08, 2019 291 views

A few weeks ago I went out to Portland, Oregon for a photo walk. Before you ask yes I went from Northern VA to Portland for a photo walk…life as a retiree J. As I was getting information about the photo walk I heard there was a possibility of the cherry blossoms may be in full bloom. Okay that’s nice. I live 30 miles out of Washington D.C. and I don’t even make an attempt to go and see the blossoms. They’re pretty and all but I just know there will be TONS of PEOPLE out there and I stay away.

I spent three days at the Waterfront. The weather was great, the people were happy, and it was a lot of fun. The Steel Bridge is the backdrop for the blossoms and you can walk across at the top or the bottom of the bridge, which gives you different views and perspective of the blossoms.

Quite side of Steel Bridge. Five images stitched together.

Quite side of Steel Bridge. Five images stitched together.

The day of the photo walk I met some great photographers and had a great time. It was cool to walk and talk about something you enjoy – photography. Hopefully some day our paths will cross again.

I don’t believe in carrying a lot of gear; if I really don’t have to I don’t. On this trip I had my camera with my favorite 27mm and 50mm lenses. Saturday I used the 27mm and shot a lot of wide images. My images of the bridges are panoramic which were 5-6 images stitched together. I made sure I shot vertically to give me more information from the top and bottom – plus room to edit. Sunday and Monday I shot with my 50mm lens. I wanted to focus on shooting tighter into my subjects. Wanted to have a mixture of everything before I left.

Photo walks are great! First: you find a place that a shoot will take place. Two: you get to meet photographers or just hang out with photographers you know. Three: you go out and shoot something (cherry blossoms) that you really don’t get into but its still fun!!

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF 50mm f/2 R WR lens, and XF 27mm f/2.8 lens


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