Last days of the daylilies…

by Dawn Hester August. 21, 2019 124 views

To be honest I never really have much luck just having my camera in the car and see something along the way to photograph. This particular morning I knew I would be driving past a small park that’s located in the middle of Manassas. I was very determined to find something in that was in the park. There’s a water fountain located there and it’s surrounded by flowers. Most of the time you will see the bright colors of the tulips; then after that you may spot the daylilies and other flowers. I knew the tulips were gone but not so sure about anything else. It didn’t matter because I was determined.

This summer has been HOT!! With the heat the sun seems like it’s 200% bright by 8AM (okay maybe I’m stretching it a little) 😉 but mid-morning it’s been bright. So I wasn’t totally ready for the hot sun but I knew I can last for a few hours (if necessary). I always have water in my car so I can stay hydrated.

I was able to capture what was left of the daylilies. Yes, some daylilies are still bloomed, some are there waiting for their moment and some have seen there last days. But they all have beauty and that made me want to capture them in that way.

There was a slight wind and I had to work my way in and around what was left of the lilies to find ones that interested me. I guess you can say I worked the scene all around as much as possible 👍🏾

Gear used: Fujifilm XH-1, XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens.


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