Five Plus One

by Dawn Hester March. 29, 2020 177 views

I had plans to go out and shoot with another photographer last week. But because of the Coronavirus and wasn’t for sure what was going on we canceled. I still wanted to shoot and was determined to do so…but I didn’t know what and where. So I came up with a theme “Just Five”. I was determined to go in the backyard and find five subjects to shoot. Now my yard isn’t big at all but the determination was definitely there.

The morning was nice and cloudy. No worries of the sun blocking some details or just made things look funky. There was a slight breeze but not even to cause any major issues. Then again a breeze could have made my subjects look interesting and challenging. All together I managed to find nine different subjects but I really liked six therefore I added one more to my five.

I kept my gear simple: Fujifilm X-H1, 60mm F/2.4 macro lens, and a tripod. Shot everything in manual mode and had the Fujifilm simulation set to Classic Chrome.

So if you’re kinda locked in at home or your town/city find a small challenging theme you can work on at home. Let the different type of creativity that’s been in the back of your mind seep out.

Oh and the shoot that was planned/canceled last week…I did go a few days afterwards; which created a new project for me.


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Buster Bruce 7 months, 3 weeks ago

So glad you went out... these are all excellent images

7 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Dawn Hester Replied to Buster Bruce 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Thank you Buster!

7 months, 3 weeks ago Edited
Diane Butts 8 months ago

wow! gorgeous ... just gorgeous.

8 months ago Edited
Dawn Hester Replied to Diane Butts 8 months ago

Thank you Diane!

8 months ago Edited