Big Bugs Adventure

by Dawn Hester October. 18, 2020 78 views

This past summer I went to The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, which is located in Winchester VA. Before this trip, I had no idea this museum existed. I say that because it’s only 40 minutes or so from me AND I don’t have to drive in or near Washington D.C. If anyone knows the D.C. area you know exactly where I’m coming from. 😳😳

Now I didn’t go to the museum alone. I went with my photographer friend ( and my podcast partner (Photography Adventures Podcast) Renee L. Ferguson and her granddaughter. They were the ones that told me about the museum.

We went to Dave Roger’s Big Bugs exhibition. From the museum website “ David Rogers' Big Bugs features tiny creatures created on a huge scale! The sculptures are created by artist David Rogers using various combinations of found or fallen trees, cut green saplings selectively harvested from the willow family, dry branches, and other forest material”. The bugs were HUGE!! They ranged from 10’ up to 18’. The museum has a seven acre garden…yes big enough for the daddy long legs, praying mantas, and other gargantuan bugs. As you walked through enjoying the Big Bugs you had beautiful flowers flowing everywhere. If you live in and/or near the DMV, check this exhibition out. It’s still there until 15 November 2020. Not only will your kids enjoy it, you will too. 😊😊

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