Walking in Black and White

by Dawn Hester October. 25, 2020 81 views

The one thing I like about Fujifilm mirrorless cameras are the film simulations. I can “see” exactly what the film simulation is as I’m composing my shot. That’s why I enjoy the black and white simulation. It takes away all the color and let me focus on my composition. Of course when you upload in some softwares such as Adobe RAW the colors come back but at the particular time it’s great.

If you read my blogs (and I hope you do) 😁 you know I take my camera with me when I’m out walking. I will always write a blog about a walk and what my camera captures. We had a hot but rainy summer in Northern Virginia. At the time of this shoot it was early October, my favorite time of the year. My walks are between 7-8AM…or at least I “try” to get started between those times 😂 The leaves are beginning to turn and fall from the trees while some are beginning to fade away. There are still some flowers left and still blooming. It’s brisk enough for me to wear a jacket and you can feel the sun come through the leaves on the trees. Even though the basketball court and the playground is empty they left messages.

I decided to document all of this with the black & white simulation. Just strip away all the color and see it in blacks and grays. Even though color provides beauty, don’t forget black & white does also 😊

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF35mm F/2 WR lens.


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