Practice, practice, and more practice…

by Dawn Hester May. 24, 2021 165 views

When you read practice, practice, practice and saw the images of the Stars 11u Caperton Baseball Team you thought I was talking about them, right? 😉 I’m talking about myself continuing the need of practicing on my photography craft, my skills.

Last week I was able to meetup with a long time friend Cynthia (at least from 2004) at a baseball field to catchup on old times. Just so happened her son plays on the Stars 11u Caperton team and they practice in Manassas (where I live). Photographers do what they do best - TAKE THEIR CAMERA!! Before shooting Cynthia talked with the head coach to make sure it was okay to take photographs of the team and they had no problems. If the coach said no then I would have just focused on her son. Personally in 2021 I just don’t walk up to a practice and start shooting. Things have changed a lot and I will always be cautious when it comes to photograph children.

Not often I get to shoot baseball (and empty field yes) so I was very excited about this opportunity. Practice was from 6:30PM-9:00PM. The biggest challenge was shooting through the fence. Not knowing how the ball was being hit by the coaches, or how the ball was going to bounce, the reaction of the player, and oh the fight trying to maneuver within the fence, I had to be fast with my thinking. I left my setting on single focusing and followed one player. I could have set it to zone tracking but I didn’t want it to focus on everything but what I wanted…and I’m still fighting the fence. Left my camera in aperture priority and not program. The only practice the players did not this was hitting. Outfield, infield, running the bases, running a player down, and sliding was practiced and practiced hard.

If you ever get a chance to shoot a sporting event, even if it’s practice…do it. Take out some lens you don’t use often and get your photography practice in. Just have fun!! 😁😁

***Thank you Stars 11u Caperton Baseball Team for allowing me the opportunity to document your team’s practice. Best of luck with the rest of your season.***

***Cynthia Cary is CEO and founder of Chameleon Trendz (you can find on Chameleon Trendz creates inspirational apparel and half the profits go back to mental health awareness programs. Check them out! ***

Gear used: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens, XF23mm F/2 R WR lens.



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John Durham 4 months ago

Great captures - you really got their expressions perfectly. Parents must love it!

4 months ago Edited