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by Debbiedeltejo January. 31, 2019 171 views

Dominican Republic...

Dominican Republic...

So here I am. After many years and long journeys that took me from Virginia to Florida, I am now in the Dominican Republic. I came in March of 2018 to care for my elderly parents. When I came, it was quite a shock to see the condition they had been living in. Dad looked like a homeless person and had not changed clothes or bathed in what looked like years. Mom had sort of a grayish film over her eyes and looked very skinny. It looked to me like they were malnourished and dehydrated. The house was in sad shape and in need of some TLC. My parents had dementia and had let things go. But the house and their personal care was the least of the problems, as they had not left anything in order and I could not find any paperwork for anything.. There was no beneficiary in their bank accounts. I could not find the deed to the house nor the papers for the cemetery plot they had purchased. I went to get the government issued ID everyone must have here in the DR, only to find out that my mother's name was misspelled on my birth certificate and it took many trips to offices and running around like a mad woman to finally get this resolved.........after about 4 months.

Things are not easy here and I'd rather drink arsenic then go to another office. To get one simple thing done takes forever and the workers are really slow and are interrupted often. It is a beautiful island but things do not run like they do in the USA and I had to get used to that if I am going to live here and survive without having a nervous breakdown.

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