Lake Superior 28/365

by Nancy Schilling September. 15, 2021 130 views

Lake Superior dominated the activites of our trip. On the ten hour trip up to Duluth, we listened to a book about the Great Lakes. We learned that the lake comprise 20% of all of the fresh water on Earth. We learned that Lake Superior is by far the largest and deepest. The water hardly ever gets warm enough for anyone to swim in. We learned how dangerous the waters can truly be, how many lives and ships have been lost in storms upon the Lake.

But the words could not capture the true beauty of the place. We drove along the Southern coast as we left. The water is so clear, you could see the rocks on the bottom. They claim you can out to 30 feet deep. We would drive for a little ways, then get out to overlook the water, drive further then check out the shore line.

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