by Joe Zink November. 06, 2018 379 views

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Sweet tit! They are very nosy and not too shy. Sometimes I can manage to feed them from the hand.

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Zajä…C 2 years ago

Small jewelry. I am visited by some other kind of tits.

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Joe Zink Replied to Zajä…C 2 years ago

This is a "black capped chickadee", I think there are different kinds, but I don't know enough about them to tell them apart grinning They come to the feeder 10 or 20 at a time, all manner of little brown birds and some like this! I am waiting for a red cardinal  to show up when I have the camera ready grinning

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Heike 2 years ago

Lovely ! The bird got an 'All you can eat offer.' smile

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Camellia Staab 2 years ago

How cute is he! smile

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