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miss this twilight dont wanna miss it even once… it reminds me how much the time i have been wasted all this time

Peace It's the only way to describe this forest. i Found this forest unpurposely when i start looking for new pictures

yesterday, we broke up thank God i was sitting in this park it helps me calmed down Love isn't weaken, relathionship is

the little yellow… Little yellow butterfly i found in a little forest. Meskipun kecil, ia sigap terbang dari satu pucuk rumput ke rumput lainnya. Like this…

it was my transgender friend, named Anggun. But in my office, i called him Angga (real name). He celebrated his birthday in his home, calling all his…

When the day went dark, my neighbourhood has it own bad habit. Every night at 7 pm,the lights always blackout . Then i saw the candles look nice to catch

it was cloudy day above Mahakam River. Imagined i could fly away from the bridge to seize the river…..

this photos was taken long time ago by my cell phone camera. i just realized it was quiet good to share.
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